The best of Amazon's hilarious user-submitted movie reviews

Introducing your new favourite Twitter account: Amazon Movie Reviews.

Started in July by Joseph Grabinski it catalogues the best of user submitted reviews on Amazon - with many so bad they're kind of good.

Speaking to Grabinski explained "I started the account simply to collate the reviews I stumbled across as a consumer. I buy a lot of movies and always thought the reviews were hilarious and would email them to my brothers. I never considered having more than 200-300 followers and I never considered whether anyone else was doing this already. The account immediately took off within 24 hours and it's been quite a surprise."

As for his favourite review? "The March of the Penguins review in which the reviewer thinks Morgan Freeman is voicing an individual penguin, rather than narrating the movie. The review quickly spirals into lunacy."

As for the others?

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