The #MeToo movement has brought with it some pretty disturbing revelations.

Along with the countless allegations of sexual harassment and assault, it turns out that men are now apparently scared of hugging women.

Thankfully, The Mash Report, which is presented by Nish Kumar, is here to sort out your hugging woes and explain the new rules of sexual harassment to confused men everywhere.

Rachel Parris, who plays a smiley reporter, leads the sketch.

She sympathetically offers hope for those still confused about what does and what does not constitute sexual harassment, using Kumar as a wonderfully awkward prop.

From how exactly to compliment a woman (don't holler "Nice whaps!" at her from a car) to how to hug a female friend (don't, if you get an erection), Parris is full of sage advice.

She ended on this note on how not to be a "complete wanker":

So I'm afraid that life is going to get harder now that we're not allowed to sexually harass anyone.

Of course it is. 

But if you do stick to my handy guide, we will manage to walk that terribly fine line between being a decent person and a complete wanker. 

Good luck to you. 

Most people loved the video.

Paul Stokes, a publisher of The Daily Mash, told BuzzFeed News:

It’s worked so well because it does what The Daily Mash and The Mash Report do at their best, which is to use humour to cut through all the bullshit and just nail the issue. And it’s an amazing performance from Rachel Parris

Stokes continued:

As Rachel points out, it’s not that complicated an issue, it’s not a minefield; all you really have to do as a man is not act like a complete wanker. Everyone knows that really, and that’s why it has resonated so well.

HT BuzzFeed

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