The only thing that people love more than Steve Carell is a good old time travel conspiracy theory.

So we’re overjoyed to announce that a ‘time traveller’ has been spotted in the US version of The Office.

In an episode filmed in 2006 – when everyone was busy listening to Christina Aguilera on purple iPod Nanos – eagle-eyed TikTokkers have noticed that a man appears to be wearing Apple airpods.

In a video posted by @eric.gramer, people can be seen rewinding a clip from the show in which the suspected time-traveller walks past Carell on a set of steps.

Take a look for yourself…

But after an exclusive indy100 investigation, we can conclude that, shockingly, the man isn’t a time traveller. While we hate to burst the bubble, it seems that if you look reeeeally closely, his headphone cable are visible.


If you look closely, the headphone cable is visible.

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