The person who wrote this Netflix description deserves a freakin' medal

Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad cross-over conspiracy theorists are having a field day over a pretty meta Netflix discovery.

Reddit user ShouldveFundedTesla uploaded a picture of a computer screen showing the Netflix description of an episode from a late series of Malcolm in the Middle, when he's getting ready to go to university.

It reads:

Malcolm and his folks realise his scholarships will still leave them five thousand dollars short for his Harvard tuition. Hal promises he'll find the extra money somehow.

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The post tickled devotees of Reddit's /r/breakinginthemiddle thread, who look for evidence that Hal, the sweet and hapless dad played by Bryan Cranston in Malcolm in the Middle, somehow ditches his family and starts a new life in New Mexico as Walter White in Breaking Bad.

If you somehow haven't heard of the show, the mild-mannered White, also played by Cranston, gets cancer and turns to making meth to fund his treatment.

Looks like the evidence is piling up, guys.

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