The Rock: Actor criticised for 'promoting animal in captivity' in Instagram aquarium posts

In an unprecedented turn of events, people are angry with The Rock for something that he posted on Instagram.

Usually, The Rock, also known as Dwayne Johnson, is a joy to behold on social media where he gives cars to his family members or welcoming his baby daughter into the world in the most sincere way possible.

Yet in a testament to the time old saying "you're only as good as your last Instagram post" Rocky has managed to put his foot in it after being accused of supporting 'animals in captivity'.

This comes after the former wrestler shared a video of him talking to a sea lion called Katie at the Georgia Aquarium. In the clip, he talks about his love of animals and tries to get her to talk.

He doesn't succeed in his efforts, where the animal simply makes a series of sounds.

The 46-year-old actor has shared other images of his visit to the aquarium over the past few days.

Many comments under all of these videos and pictures call The Rock out for his endorsement of such facilities.

Examples of the comments read:

It’s sad to see that you say you care for animals when that seal is in captivity.

These animals should be freed.

It's 2018. Enough is enough.

There is so much more knowledge that these animals should not be in tanks.

Not cool The Rock, let the animals be free.

Yay! Well done to the Rock for condoning marine life in captivity!

Go you, you must be so proud to see such majestic creatures locked up for life......

Fans of The Rock have attempted to defend him whereas the star himself is yet to respond to the criticism.

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