There's something odd about these Mariah Carey reviews from the 1990s

The internet loves nostalgia.

The internet loves the 1990s.

But, actually, looking back, that weird time between Thatcher and Y2K was kind of messed up.

A brilliant example of this, recently dug up by Billboard, goes as follows...

Musos loved new kid on the block Mariah Carey:

  • In an article from December 1990, the Herald Sun described Mariah Carey as "the new white soul singer".
  • In the same year Playboy ran a story dubbing her the "white girl who can sing".

But they thought she was white.

For the record, Carey's father, Alfred Roy, was of African American and Venezuelan descent, while her mother, Patricia, is Irish.

At the time, Carey was quoted saying: "My father was very upset. It seems most people don't know much about interracial children".

However, her publicist Judy Womack allegedly set the record straight, insisting: "Mariah Carey's anger over a racial comment was blown out of proportion."

The 90s were weird, man.

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