Picture: YouTube/screengrab
Picture: YouTube/screengrab

Film and novel fans are especially known for getting a good thing and destroying it with alternative theories.

Like taking Grease, the 1978 movie which exists like a warm caress in our collective subconscious, and forever changing its ending.

Reddit user atomicbolt, who clearly has nothing better to do than to take the remnants of our youth and dash it off a cliff, came up with a new theory about Grease.

Sandy was dead all along.

Do you remember Sandy and Zuko frolicking in the sand? In Summer Nights Zuko sang the following line:

I saved her life she nearly drown.

Picture: YouTube/screengrab

But what if she had drowned, and the entire film was Sandy's 'What if I had lived?' moment flashing before her eyes?

All the friends she had made were mere figments of her dying imagination.

Picture: YouTube/screengrab

Picture: YouTube/screengrab

And the Reddit user's proof? She literally drives off into Heaven the sky.

The entire movie was a drowning woman’s coma fantasy.

Theorists take it further by claiming that both Zuko and Sandy had died that day he had tried to save her, and the film is one massive 'If only I had lived' sequence of regret.

The internet: where happy films go to die.

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