This optical illusion will completely mess with your sense of perspective

Every time you think you've seen all the optical illusions in existence - from ones that hurt your brain to ones that just baffle you - another illusion crawls out of the woodwork and you're once more sitting in front of your screen, scratching your head.

This is one of those times.

"Lee Lights" designed by Glen Lewis Steele are supposed to make you question if your eyes are working properly or not.

This is a simple square-shaped lamp, right?

Except no, it's not a lamp shade

In fact, it's not even square-shaped...

Does your brain hurt yet?

This “hanging cube” is actually made up of a bulb hanging behind white sheets, and it is designed to cause confusion in the way your eyes perceive distance and shape by tricking your eyes into seeing a 3D square.

You can watch the weird unfold, below:

Illusion extraordinaires, please stop coming up with new ways to confuse us.

Yours sincerely,


Images: via Lee Lights

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