TI's stepdaughter says the infamous 'virginity test' controversy brought him closer to his daughters

TI’s stepdaughter has said that the infamous ‘virginity test’ controversy has brought him closer to his family.

The rapper sparked outrage last year when he made comments about going to his daughter Deyjah Harris’s gynaecology appointments to check the status of her virginity.

In an interview, the rapper said: “'I will say as of her 18th birthday, her hymen is still intact.”

Critics called the comments “disgusting”, “abhorrent” and resulted in his daughter unfollowing him on social media.

But Zonnique Pullins, TI’s stepdaughter, told Entertainment Tonight that the “big moment” made T.I. reassess his approach to his children.

Pullins said:

He's definitely just been learning with the girls on how to handle certain things and how to go about certain things when it comes to us.

I feel like it's a lot of stuff he didn't realise when it comes to a young girl's feelings. So I feel like now he's a little bit more careful.

In January of this year, TI apologised to his daughters for the comments in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s death.

In an Instagram post, the rapper wrote:

Please forgive me for any and all imperfections that cause misunderstandings between us… Charge my mind, not my heart.

Pullins, his stepdaughter, insists that T.I. and his daughter Deyjah are now in a better place.

She said: “Their relationship is in a really good place, actually. It took a minute for them to get to this place, but I feel like they're just doing really good.’

She went on to explain that the father and daughter have learned a lot about each other since last year’s controversy.

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