Tom Cruise went to the cinema in his mask and became an instant meme

It's not every day that you go to the cinema and you end up being in the same room as a genuine A-lister but that's what happened to a few lucky people who saw an advanced screening of Tenet earlier this week.

Those who were in attendance at a socially distanced screening of Christopher Nolan's new blockbuster at the IMAX in London's Waterloo may or may not have realised that Tom Cruise was also in there watching the film just like everyone else.

This kinda thing probably happens all the time (this particular writer once saw Graham Norton at a screening of Noah, remember that film?) but given that this is the first major film to be released during the coronavirus pandemic Cruise thought he would release a video of his trip to the pictures and in typical Cruise fashion it was kinda fun and odd.

Yes, that's Tom Cruise getting a taxi to a cinema, filming his experience in the dark (which isn't exactly a great thing to be doing in the cinema. Think of others, Tom) and then telling everyone around him it was "great to be back in a movie theatre everybody." Nice to see that even Scientologists aren't anti-maskers and that Cruise was a covering his face with something that wouldn't have been out of place in a Mission: Impossible movie.

Many people were delighted to see Cruise enjoying the movie, even though he could have just tweeted that he loved it rather than making a short film but then again, this is Tom Cruise.

However, Twitter users soon found themselves having fun with the video reimagining Cruise watching other movies, or referencing some of his most famous roles.

Tenetwas delayed several times due to the pandemic but has been released in the UK on August 26, with US audiences having to wait until September 3. Other major movies that have been pushed backed becuase of Covid-19 include Marvel's Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984, The New Mutants and the new James Bond film No Time to Die.

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