Since German trans sensation Kim Petras burst on to the music scene, she’s been changing hearts and minds with her infectious brand of inclusive pop.

But, sadly, in a world where some people are still desperately preoccupied with how others live their lives, not everyone is a fan.

Enter – notorious homophobes the Westboro Baptist Church.

The ultra-conservative religious cult – who you might remember from Louis Theroux’s infamous documentary special – decided to take a second out of their busy picketing schedule to protest outside the trans icon’s Kansas concert.

But when a very small number of church members appeared on the day, Petras reacted in the most iconic way possible: by posing for a photo shoot in front of them.

She then tweeted a hilarious clip of her strutting and posing while the miserable group of protestors furiously waved their hateful placards behind her.

So, in summary:

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