Tube staff leave brilliant Star Wars note for anyone travelling without a ticket

Fare-dodging on the London Underground was almost certainly at an all-time low last week with commuters given an almighty threat by TfL staff.

Well known for leaving witty messages for commuters, one staff member left this note outside Canonbury station on Friday morning for anyone trying to get away without paying for a ticket:

Picture: Royston Deitch

Anyone caught travelling without a valid ticket or Oyster will be told the ending to the new Star Wars.

Images of the sign have been widely shared online, both on Imgur where it has been viewed 350,000 times, and on Twitter where it has received thousands of retweets:

Speaking to, Royston Deitch, who took a picture of the sign, explained that he saw that message at the station in north-east London on Friday morning, but admitted:

Everyone seemed in a rush at the station so I'm not sure how many other people saw it.

And it's not the only Star Wars-themed message to appear on the Tube. This message was spotted at Earl's Court last week:

And this one appeared two whole years ago: has contacted TfL to find out more about the sign.

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