Can you answer all the questions asked to the first Who Wants to Be A Millionaire winner in 14 years?

Can you answer all the questions asked to the first Who Wants to Be A Millionaire winner in 14 years?

Since it first aired on UK televisions in September 1998, only six people have successfully won Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and claimed the jackpot.

Those people are Judith Keppel, David Edwards, Robert Brydges, Pat Gibson, Ingram Wilcox and Donald Fear, the latter winning the prize on Friday night's edition of the show and the first contestant to win the million pounds since 2006. Remarkably, he only used one of his lifelines to answer the 15 questions posed to him, leading host Jeremy Clarkson to compare the geography teacher from Telford to the internet.

It's like sitting next to the internet in a pink shirt. An encyclopaedia with a moustache.

Astonishingly, Fear managed to answer all the questions in just 20 minutes, as per the Evening Standard, becoming one of the fastest ever winners of the show and besting his brother who appeared on the show just two years prior.

The nature of quiz shows like Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? means that everyone watching at home wants to play along too. Although we doubt you could complete the quiz as quickly as Fear there is always a chance that you know all the answers already.

So, here are the 15 questions he answered correctly and yes, you are allowed to use your lifelines (you might have already watched the video at the top of this article, so you can have that one for free). Answers are at the bottom of the page.

1) In the UK, the abbreviation NHS stands for National 'what' Service?

A. Humanity B. Health C. Honour D. Household

2) Which Disney character famously leaves a glass slipper behind at a royal ballet?

A. Pocahontas B. Sleeping Beauty C. Cinderella D. Elsa

3) What name is given to the revolving belt machinery in an airport that delivers checked luggage from the plane to baggage reclaim?

A. Hangar B. Terminal C. Concourse D. Carousel

4) Which of these brands was chiefly associated with the manufacture of household locks?

A. Phillips B. Flymo C. Chubb D. Ronseal

5) The hammer and sickle is one of the most recognisable symbols of which political ideology?

A. Republicanism B. Communism C. Conservatism D. Liberalism

6) What toys have been marketed with the phrase 'Robots in Disguise'?

A. Bratz dolls B. Sylvanian Families C. Hatchimals D. Transformers

7) What does the word 'loquacious' mean?

A. Angry B. Chatty C. Beautiful D. Shy

8) Obstetrics is a branch of medicine particularly concerned with what?

A. Childbirth B. Broken bones C. Heart conditions D. Old age

9) In Doctor Who, what was the signature look of the fourth doctor, as portrayed by Tom Baker?

A. Bow-tie, braces and tweed jacket B. Wide-brimmed hat and extra-long scarf C. Pinstripe suit and trainers D. Cape, velvet jacket and frilly shirt

10) Which of these religious observances lasts for the shortest period of time during the calendar year?

A. Ramadan B. Diwali C. Lent D. Hanukah

11) At the closest point, which island group is only 50 miles south-east of the coast of Florida?

A. Bahamas B. US Virgin Islands C. Turks and Calcos Islands D. Bermuda

12) Construction of which of these famous landmarks was completed first?

A. Empire State Building B. Royal Albert Hall C. Eiffel Tower D. 'Big Ben' clock tower

13) Which of these cetaceans is classified as a 'toothed whale'?

A. Gray whale B. Minke whale C. Sperm whale D. Humpback whale

14) Who is the only British politician to have held all four 'Great Offices of State' at some point during their career?

A. David Lloyd George B. Harold Wilson C. James Callaghan D. John Major

15) In 1718, which pirate died in battle off the coast of what is now North Carolina?

A) Calico Jack B) Blackbeard C) Bartholomew Roberts and D) Captain Kidd

How did you get on? Check your answers against the ones below and let us know.


1: B, Health

2: C, Cinderella

3: D, Carousel

4: C, Chubb

5: B, Communism

6: D, Transformers

7: B, Chatty

8: A, Childbirth

9: B, Wide-brimmed hat & extra long scarf

10: B, Diwali

11: A, Bahamas

12: D, 'Ben' Clock Tower

13: C, Sperm whale

14: C, James Callaghan

15: B, Blackbeard

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