People in Alabama keep Googling Hull City FC and there's one theory why

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Hull City FC are massively popular in the US state of Alabama, and no-one really has a clue why.

The Championship side, also known as the Tigers, are currently sitting mid-table, and despite a passionate following in East Yorkshire there’s little to suggest why they’d be a hit in the US.

However, according to a graphic produced by Sports Reference labelled “2022 most viewed team pages by state”.

They sit alongside the likes of Chelsea (popular in California and Hawaii among others), Liverpool (Florida and South Carolina) and Manchester City (New York and Montana).

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But while the other clubs have a much bigger international following, it looks like Hull are punching well above their weight.

Hull, who play their home games at the MKM Stadium, were last in the premier league back in 2017, and were promoted from league one back to the championship in 2021.

The graphic has left plenty of people confused as to how they could be so popular on the other side of the pond.

While no-one can be certain, one Reddit user had a theory as to why Hull City could be so popular in the state.

Why are Hull so popular in Alabama?iStock/Getty

“It’s because the second largest American football team in Alabama is also the tigers so they search tigers football and get confused, as it’s easy to do when born in Alabama,” they wrote.

The University of West Alabama Tigers and Auburn Tigers play their games in the state, which could potentially explain the confusion.

We’d like to think it’s because Alabamians are just weirdly obsessed with championship football, though.

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