Boston Celtics mocked for calling themselves 'world champions' after winning NBA

Boston Celtics mocked for calling themselves 'world champions' after winning NBA
Boston Celtics Clinch 18th NBA Title with Decisive Victory
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The Boston Celtics basketball team is being mocked after calling themselves the “world champions” following their National Basketball Association (NBA) championship win.

Last night, the basketball team successfully completed a 4-1 victory in the NBA finals against the Dallas Mavericks, making the Celtics NBA champions for the 18th time.

The 2024 championship is the team's first title since 2008 and it was sealed on the 16-year anniversary since they last won it.

Rather unsurprisingly, fans of the Boston Celtics were giddy with excitement, but it seems the team’s social media admin was getting ahead of themselves after declaring that the team were “world champions” in a post on X/Twitter.

The bizarre (and incorrect) declaration was quickly pointed out in a subsequent community note on the post, which clarified: “They won the NBA championship which makes them NBA champions and not world champions.”

It didn’t take long for the post to be mercilessly mocked with memes and videos pointing out their mistake.

“Happy with the Celtics winning the championship, but this is the best community note in the history of the community notes on this app,” one person said.

Someone commented: “No way they community noted the Celtics world championship post LMAO.”

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