If you are an England football fan or in any way concerned about the current state of British politics and what will happen after Brexit, then look away now.

England's disappointing 2-1 loss to the Czech Republic is hardly the lowest point the national team has ever been but you can always rely on a set of drunken fans to plunge us to even lower depths.

Cut to this footage, presumably from before Friday nights game, of a bunch of Blackburn Rovers fans outside an Irish pub in the Czech capital of Prague.

So far, so embarrassing.

We can only imagine what sort of songs they were singing but the situation gets worse when they attempt to hang an England flag (the wrong way around, we should add) on the front of the Irish pub.

This doesn't end too well for one gentleman who promptly snaps a pole off the side of the building and stacks it from a considerable height, much to the delight of his friends.

The video was shared by the Twitter account Away Days Bible who didn't seem too impressed at what transpired and neither did the rest of Twitter who promptly compared it to Brexit and the slow demise of the country.

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