Cat manages to invade baseball field during New York Yankees game and causes absolute mayhem

Pitch invaders can be quite annoying at major sporting events but perhaps they can be forgiven when they are cute little animals.

That’s exactly what happened in Monday’s MLB game between the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles when an adorable feline burst onto the pitch and caused absolute mayhem as it managed to successfully evade the Yankee Stadium’s grounds crew.

The staff reportedly managed to eventually get the cat off the field by shepherding it out off the left-field foul line. That being said, the cat won over the crowd and started shouting “MVP! MVP!”

The cat also won fans on social media, including the Orioles who incidentally won the game 7-1.

Others feared the cat was scared by what must have been a bewildering situation for the animal.

Yankees’ outfielder was later quoted as saying: “That thing was pretty elusive to catch there. Their tactics to get it I think could’ve been worked on. But that thing was quick.”

There have been no further reports about the whereabouts or the wellbeing of the cat but we hope it is ok.

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