Does this football stadium seat have worst view in all of sport?

Does this football stadium seat have worst view in all of sport?

Arizon Stadium

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A man who's watched sports games at more than 130 college football stadiums says he's found one of the worst seats ever - which looks almost directly at a wall.

Section 16, Row 41, Seat 2 at Arizona Stadium is perhaps the most underwhelming spot in the country, according to the CFB Campus Tour Twitter account.

Arizona Stadium is an outdoor stadium on the campus of the University of Arizona in Tucson, and is the home of the Arizona Wildcats.

As of 2022, the stadium has a total capacity of 50,800.

But the man behind the college football Twitter account gave the unlucky spot a devastating verdict: "Easily one of the WORST seat locations at any college football stadium in the country. Maybe 10% field visibility, not to mention no video board view. Double-check your ticket & avoid this Arizona Stadium seat at all costs!"

That's right, not only does it have an incredibly limited view of the field itself, it doesn't even make up for it by having a video board in the sightline.

Just look at this:

But he did look on the bright side, pointing out that it's a quirk of an old stadium, and part of the enjoyment of his US tour is to seek out the weird and wonderful aspects of stadia.

"This stadium has several weird areas," he said to one follower. "Low concrete beams, two seat bleachers (not designated handicapped), etc. Fairly common in older venues tbh. Part of the fun of going to the games is looking for these individual quirks."

Just a month ago he suggested that a seat at Waldo Stadium in Michigan was the worst around, but in comparison to the example above, it's a sport-watcher's dream. Just look at that sliver of field!

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