There's something wrong with Bill Murray's reaction to the Cubs win

Louis Dor
Sunday 23 October 2016 13:15

Bill Murray is a comedian and actor respected worldwide.

He's also a superfan of the Chicago Cubs' baseball team.

On Saturday night, the Cubs won the sixth game of the NLCS to advance to the World Series.

This is the first time they have done so since 1945, making it a bit of a rarity.

Bill Murray was in the crowd, obviously, and his reaction was said to have encapsulated the joy of the moment when the Cubs sealed progression.

People loved it.

However, we're really sorry to point out, the video in question is from the Cubs victory two weeks prior.

We can only imagine the real reaction was just as majestic.

We don't want to ruin the mystery though, so we'll leave you with this:

Clearly, his earlier address from the White House podium was the good luck charm when he correctly predicted the result.

Picture: Alex Wong/Getty Images(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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