A major conspiracy theory was debunked live during Super Bowl

A major conspiracy theory was debunked live during Super Bowl
Damar Hamlin appears pitchside at the Super Bowl

A bizarre NFL conspiracy featuring Damar Hamlin was finally debunked during Super Bowl LVII on Sunday night between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Buffalo Bills' safety was met with the love and support of the world after he experienced a cardiac arrest incident during a game in early January, and while he quickly started the road to recovery and full health, a dark side to Hamlin's incident found its way into the public eye

Despite numerous posts from the Bills, comments from Hamlin himself, and a statement from his quarterback Josh Allen - unfounded and reckless conspiracies flourished on social media.

Firstly, it was claimed that Hamlin died on 2 January, as multiple Damar Hamlin records appeared in 'death certificate' searches.

Secondly, his public appearances in heavy coats, caps and glasses since his 'death' were by a body-double.

Despite all the graft by rookie sleuths on social media, it took just a few seconds in the Super Bowl for those terrible theories to fall apart.

Hamlin. Damar Hamlin. Buffalo Bills safety, appeared live and in-person during the Super Bowl.

Of course, 'speculation' still lingered because Hamlin kept his sunglasses on - but it didn't take long for that line of inquiry to dissolve either.

The baseless conspiracy theory while obviously debunked, still had a pointless cause. What would be the entire point of replacing Hamlin? Some say the vaccine, others hint at Satanism. Of course, the dregs of Hamlin theories are still circulating and you have to wonder if all this energy could be better put to fighting injustices, heavy-handed corporate control and political oppression.

But maybe that's the entire point?

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