Darwin Nunez has brutal three word response to meeting streamer Jack Doherty

Darwin Nunez has brutal three word response to meeting streamer Jack Doherty
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Liverpool and Uruguay forward Darwin Nunez had a brutal response when meeting streamer Jack Doherty in a viral video.

Nunez appeared to be enjoying some down time on holiday before he joins up with the Uruguay squad ahead of their Copa America campaign which kicks off for them on June 24 against Panama.

The 24-year-old is seen in the video posted online posing for a photo with a fan.

But after Doherty made a comment towards him, Nunez had a brutal response when Doherty then tried to interact with him.

Nunez posed for a picture with a fan and Doherty said while streaming "who is this guy? Let me get one too. Just kidding."

Doherty was streaming with girlfriend McKinley Richardson.

He then laughed as the fan took a selfie with Nunez - but Doherty then craned his neck, looking to see it was Nunez before saying "holy s**t".

Richardson then moved around Doherty so she doesn't get in the way of the shot, saying "s**t" in the process.

Doherty waved at Nunez, saying "excuse me sir," seemingly trying to seize his opportunity to get a photo with him or chat to him on camera.

But Nunez had a simple but brutal response, saying to Doherty "who are you" before walking off.

Doherty didn't seem to know what to say at first before asking the chat who it is that walked past him.

"He has two watches on," said Doherty as Nunez walked further down the road.

"He looks like Ibrahimovic," the camera man later said.

Doherty then turned to his phone and looked to walk down the street himself with Richardson.

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