David Cameron has struggled with football teams, historically.

On the campaign trail for the 2015 general election, he famously 'forgot' that he was an Aston Villa fan (and not a West Ham one), when talking about multiculturalism in Britain:

We are a shining example of a country where multiple identities work... Where you can support Man Utd, the Windies and Team GB at the same time. Of course, I’d rather you supported West Ham.

He's rather compounded this perception by jumping on the social media bandwagon in congratulating Leicester City for their Premier League title.

Funnily enough, when his beloved club Aston Villa were relegated unceremoniously in mid-April, he had no words to tweet.

Clearly he was so distraught at the news he temporarily deleted Twitter, to stop himself sending any impassioned criticism to the players, the board or Randy Lerner. Sensible really.

However, when asked, a spokesperon said:

The Prime Minister, like many Villa fans, is disappointed and [the club] now need to focus on next season and turning it around.

Regardless, people have been taking the mickey of his latest intervention, with the seasoned trope "David Cameron knows nothing about sports":

And people did not let him forget the Villa/West Ham gaffe.

With his silence on Villa and his PR-savvy tweeting of fairytale story Leicester, we can only imagine that man-of-the-people-Dave is in two minds about his favourite team, yet again.

Original Picture: Stefan Rousseau - WPA Pool/Getty Images

If Cameron buys a Foxes season ticket next year, they might win the Ashes with a drop-goal.

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