Dillon Danis claims Logan Paul edited clip of him stuttering during face off

Dillon Danis claims Logan Paul edited clip of him stuttering during face off
Logan Paul mocks Dillion Danis for stammering during face off
Logan Paul

Dillon Danis has claimed that a viral clip of him stuttering during a sit-down face-off with Logan Paul was edited by the infamous YouTuber to make him look bad.

The two controversial personalities are squaring off in the boxing ring on October 14th in Manchester's AO arena but before that spoke to each other face-to-face for DAZN which is yet to be released in its entirety.

In a clip that Paul released on his X/Twitter account, the WWE wrestler mocks the MMA fighter who struggles to get his words out during the heated confrontation.

The footage shows Paul calling out Danis for "sending him so many messages" which Danis struggles to find the words to reply with. Paul immediately jumps on this telling his opponent that he sounds like he's "got Conor McGregor's n**sack in his mouth."

He adds that watching him "stumble your way through these sentences is painful" before yelling "get this man a glass of water."

The clip doesn't show any of Danis's replies to Paul but he has since claimed that the footage is edited. The 30-year-old wrote on X/Twitter: "This was completely edited by him to look this way. Just wait until the full thing comes out; classic Logan Paul. I can't wait for everyone to see how badly I roast him."

This comes off the back of weeks of trolling by Danis towards Paul's fiance Nina Agdal, which has included Danis sharing clearly fake images and videos of the Danish model in intimate situations.

However, the incessant trolling of Agdal has led to her filing a lawsuit against Danis on the grounds of the "humiliation, emotional distress, and reputational harm" that the posts have caused her.

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