Donald Trump’s absolutely terrible golf shot goes viral

Donald Trump’s absolutely terrible golf shot goes viral
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Donald Trump has been filmed taking one of the worst golf shots of his life, in a clip which has been doing the rounds on social media.

The golf-obsessed former president is well known for talking up his abilities in the game and spent an awful lot of time playing during his time in the White House.

In fact, according to, there was evidence of Trump playing golf on “at least 150 visits” during his four years in power. He also happens to own 17 courses himself.

However, the latest footage of him playing shows him hitting a truly awful shank.

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The clip sees the former president addressing the ball in his MAGA hat, a short distance from the green at Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles.

The unnamed person behind the camera waits in anticipation, only for Trump to completely shank it way to the right.

"Holy s***, dude," one of the people behind the camera says, before the one holding the camera says: "Oh my God, I got that on video."

Trump claims to have a handicap of 2.8, but a lot of people dispute the fact that Trump is that good.

Sportswriter Rick Reilly, for one, doesn’t believe it. The journalist wrote an entire book about Trump cheating at golf called Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump, in which he states: “If Trump is a 2.8, Queen Elizabeth is a pole vaulter.”

Reilly previously told CNN in an interview: “He cheats like a mafia accountant. He cheats crazy. He cheats whether you're watching or not. He cheats whether you like it or not."

He does, however, clearly have an eye for predicting the golf landscape. Shockwaves were previously sent through the world of professional sport after Saudi-backed breakaway league LIV Golf, the PGA Tour and the DP World Tour announced an unprecedented merger.

The bitter feud between the PGA and LIV has dominated headlines in the professional game for the last 18 months and the new deal is something not even players on both sides knew was happening.

The only person who saw it coming? Donald Trump.

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