A sports anchor managed to emerge relatively unscathed after a giant screen landed on him mid-broadcast.

Carol Orduz, a host of ESPN FC Radio Columbia got away without serious injuries after the accident, being marked only by cuts and bruises.

The fall made his head go forward as he hit his head on the desk, after it appears the television completely flattened him.

The broadcaster took to Twitter to let everyone know he was fine, tweeting: “Good night and greetings. I’m Carlos Orduz.

“With regards to the incident that happened at the beginning of our programme on ESPN Radio, I’d like to reassure that I’m fine.”

He spoke in Spanish in the video, as well as posting a written message on the social media site.

“I’ve been checked and nothing has happened apart from the shock I suffered. I appreciate your messages of support.”

He said: “All I’ve got is a bit of bruising and a blow to my nose but nothing fractured.”

According to the original broadcast, his co-workers are heard telling him to keep calm as she shouts, “That knocked me out”, after it hit him hard in the head.

Orduz is a veteran sports broadcast journalist who previously worked at Fox Sports in Columbia.

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