Fan photoshops digital tickets to get from nosebleeds to courtside at NBA game

For some sports super-fans, nothing can stop them from trying to get as close to the game action as possible.

And one fan in particular appeared to do just that - by photoshopping his Golden State Warriors vs. Denver NuggetsNBA tickets to get from nosebleed to courtside seats.

In a TikTok shared by the official sports site @bleacherreport and initially uploaded by the private account @nilan.69, you see how the guy turned his dream into a reality.

At the beginning of the video, he shares the unimpressive view from the cheap seats high up in the stadium.

Deciding he’d do anything for a closer look except pay, he used an editing app to change his digital tickets.

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“Photoshopping our way to floor side,” the onscreen caption read.

His original ticket, which was for December 28, 2021, appeared to be in section 207, the 14th row and 12th seat at Chase Center in San Francisco, California.

But with the power of editing, he appeared to change it to Section 10, row A4, and the 6th seat.

“We made it down just in time to witness Steph Curry hit his 3,000th career 3-pointer,” the onscreen caption said.

He added that they sat at $1,600 seats for $200.


He really photoshopped tickets to get closer to watch Steph and the Warriors play 😳 (via @nilan.69) #fyp #nba #stephcurry

People in the video’s comments were a bit confused as to why he would share this information on the platform.

“Keep it a secret. [Don’t] tell the whole TikTok,” someone wrote.

“But how are the seats empty? How do ya know which are?” another asked, which someone else responded with, “Check Ticketmaster see what’s available and boom your seats now.”

A fourth person, who used to move seats around in the past, said, “We used to do this all time, no photoshop. Scope the empties with binoculars 1st half. Walk down like you know what you’re doing 2nd half.”

Well, to only have to pay a fraction of what it would typically cost to obtain great seats worth close to $2,000 seems like a dream.

However, a cheaper cost might just be a benefit if you’re anything like this Tampa Bay, Florida concert promoter charging people $18 for tickets if they are vaccinated and $999.99 if not.

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