Football fans left baffled by optical illusion save during Boca Juniors match

Football fans left baffled by optical illusion save during Boca Juniors match

Football fans tuning into the recent Boca Juniors vs River Plate clash got more than they bargained for after the biggest game in Argentina turned up a truly unexpected moment - an optical illusion.

The game ended up finishing 1-1 on Sunday (February 25), but it was a bizarre incident that seemed to trick fans all around the world and ended up being the biggest talking point.

One otherwise incidental passage of play from the game sees a freekick floated into the box, with former Manchester United keeper Sergio Romero claiming the ball.

However, there was one small detail which has left people completely baffled.

While Romero comfortably claimed the ball, the footage initially appears to show the ball striking the crossbar and returning to the field of play. For a split second, it appears as though the ball is shooting backward into the box.

However, a moment later Romero appeared with the ball in hand, ready to resume the game.

Even after repeatedly watching the clip, people were baffled – and some even claimed it was ‘a glitch in the football Matrix’.

But while it’s confusing at first, there is an explanation.

A different camera angle shows a white object, possibly a bird, darting over the goal at the exact same moment the ball is played into the box. If you look, you can also see the object appearing behind the goal before the keeper has the ball in his hands.

The object passes at the key moment, creating the optical illusion that has been viewed all around the world – a bizarre clip, even with the explanation.

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