The Premier League fans who pay the most per goal

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Arsenal are the most expensive club to follow in the Premier League, the BBC's Price of Football 2016 survey has found.

The survey looked at 223 clubs (only Plymouth Argyle refused to co-operate), finding that the average cost of the cheapest adult home matchday ticket in the Premier League has decreased by six per cent year on year.

In the Premier League, the £30 cap on away tickets led to the average cost of the most expensive away ticket dropping 37 per cent (from £46.44 to £29.44).

The cost of the cheapest season ticket was £480, less than in 2013 when it was £489.

But how does that translate into goals for your pounds?

The below chart by Statista shows how much each home goal cost the average fan:

While Man City fans only had to pay around £6 for the average goal last year, Arsenal fans had to fork out £32.

The thing about Arsenal is...

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