'Brilliant' video shows that football is the same no matter which gender plays it

'Brilliant' video shows that football is the same no matter which gender plays it
French Women's World Cup ad makes gender statement with unexpected twist

An amazing video has demonstrated that football is always the “beautiful game” regardless of which gender happens to be playing it.

With the FIFA Women's World Cup fast approaching, France’s team sponsor has gone above and beyond to show its support for women’s football while making a point about sexism in the sport.

Phone company Orange has partnered with advertising company Marcel to produce a video that combats people’s prejudice against women’s football, particularly in comparison to men’s football.

Ahead of the international competition, the video cleverly used visual effects technology to change segments of play by the French women’s national team and make it appear as if it is being played by the French men’s team.

The video cleverly changed the appearance of female players, such as Estelle Cascarino and Sakina Karchaoui, to make them appear as if their actions were performed by high-profile men’s players, like Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann.

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The clips taken from the French women’s matches featured amazing pieces of footwork, incredible headers and stunning free-kicks, all of which were made to appear as though it was the men’s team.

The final part of the 2-minute video revealed the original clips, showing that these amazing feats had actually been done by women all along.

The video has been widely praised online, with some left amused by how it might rattle the sexists.

One person wrote: “This is brilliant, simply brilliant! Can't wait for #FIFAWWC.”

Someone else: “Wow. People will always see what they choose to see - make sure you just see the football.”

“This is just so smart and impactful,” someone else commented.

Another argued: “How fuming are the sexists going to be at this.”

The Women’s World Cup starts on Thursday 20 July and is being held in the Oceanic regions of Australia and New Zealand.

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