The 50 greatest Euros goals ever: 19-10

The 50 greatest Euros goals ever: 19-10
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From cult favourites to long-distance thunderbolts, these are our picks of the best Euros goals from number 19-10.

19. Karim Benzema: France v Switzerland, 2020

Benzema Goal vs Switzerland | Euro

Karim Benzema was probably the best out-and-out striker in the world back in the 2020 tournament, and this outrageous (if slightly flukey??) touch on his way to slotting home against Switzerland captured a player right at the top of his game in full flow.

18. Milan Baros: Czech Rep v Netherlands, 2004

Baros Goal vs

The Czech Republic squad was absolutely stacked with cult icons back in 2004. Petr Cech, Vladimir Smicer, Karel Poborsky, Tomas Rosicky and Pavel Nedved all featured. One of the most enduring figures in that team, though, was Milan Baros, who produced this moment of real quality against the Netherlands thanks to a smart assist from big Jan Koller in one of the games of the tournament.

17. Michael Ballack: Germany v Austria, 2008

Michael Ballack GOAL | EURO 2008 vs

Tiki-taka and rainbow football aren’t for everyone – sometimes you’ve just gotta put your laces through it instead. This freekick from Michael Ballack from 2008 will go down in history as one of the biggest thunderb**tards in the history of the tournament. Unsaveable.

16. Xherdan Shaqiri: Switzerland v Poland, 2016

Shaqiri Crazy Bicycle goal vs Poland (Euro 2016)

Yes, it could have gone anywhere. Yes, nine times out of 10, it goes off his shin for a throw-in, but the audacity to even try and pull this off makes Xherdan Shaqiri’s goal against Poland one of the most memorable in recent Euros history. In fact, it’s the kind of goal that can remind you why football is so much fun.

15. Tomas Brolin: Sweden v England, 1992

Tomas Brolin v England 1992 - EURO Greatest

In some ways, this effort from Tomas Brolin is the perfect blend of the team goal and the individual effort, with simple but insightful passing, great movement and an instinctive strike to finish the whole thing. Very satisfying stuff.

14. Frank De Boer: Netherlands v France, 2000

De Boer scores a CRACKER as the Netherlands come back to down France | Euro 2000 | ITV

What is it about Dutch defenders scoring absolute worldies? Ronald Koeman scored dozens during his career, Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s goal against Uruguay is one of the best World Cup goals ever, and there’s this thunderbolt from Frank De Boer, capitalising on a disorganised French wall to blast home from miles out.

13. John Jensen: Denmark v Germany, 1992

Гол. Jensen. 1992 год. Дания - Германия

In the words of Alan Partridge, John Jensen must have a foot like a traction engine if this bullet of a strike against Germany is anything to go by. Even if the keeper had got behind it, we like to imagine he would have been blown back into the goal like in a children’s cartoon.

12. Luis Figo: Portugal v England, 2000

England were 2-0 up against Portugal when Figo picked up the ball and ran at the defenders hanging back outside their own box, before thumping it into the top corner from miles out and leaving David Seaman completely stumped between the sticks.

It would inspire a famous 3-2 comeback win – just another 00s game against Portugal for England fans to forget.

11. Ray Wilkins: England v Belgium, 1980

Ray Wilkins amazing

The 80s was a troubled decade for English football, but it still produces moments like this from Ray Wilkins.

Taking on Belgium, Wilkins beat what might be the most ineffective offside trap ever, before taking a touch and cooly dinking it over the keeper. You wouldn’t think he’d only scored three goals for England during his long career with a finish like that, would you?

10. Karel Poborsky: Czech Rep v Portugal, 1996

Nineties cult hero Poborsky here with the scoop to end all scoops. It’s a bit scrappy in the lead-up to the goal, granted, but this effort against Portugal ends up being one of the most pleasing on the entire list.

We’re not sure how he gets so far under the ball without digging his boots straight into the turf, but he gets so much height that the ball’s practically got snow on it by the time it comes down and plops into the net.

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