Ice hockey star and reporter exchange strong words in spicy press conference

Ice hockey star and reporter exchange strong words in spicy press conference

Ice hockey star Leon Draisait had a tense exchange with a reporter who asked him why he was so "pissy" during a press conference, when asked to expand on the reasons behind his team's latest run of defeats.

On Tuesday (January 18) the Edmonton Oilers player was faced with questions from reporter Jim Matheson over how his team lost 12 of its last 14 games - six games in a row twice - which now means the Oilers are no longer challenging for the playoff positions.

It all began when Matheson quizzed Draisait on what his team needed to do in order to improve and get the team back in playoff contention.

Matheson asked: "What do you think is the number one reason for the losses now? Is there one thing in your own mind where you say ‘we’ve got to get better at that?’"

To which Draisaitl replied: "We have to get better at everything."

"Would you like to expand on that?" Matheson asked.

Apparently, this was a topic Draisaitl didn't want to explain any further and answered curtly: "Nope. You can do that. You know everything."

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Picking up on the ice hockey player's short tone, Matheson then grilled him further - though not on the ice hockey but instead on his mood and questioned: "Why are you so pissy, Leon? Why are you so pissy?"

Draisaitl denied he was being "pissy" and responded: "I’m not, I’m just answering."

Clearly annoyed at Draisaiti's denial, Matheson was not having any of it and probed further: "Yeah you are, whenever I ask you a question."

Draisaitl shrugged and said: "I gave you an answer."

Matheson then remarked: "Not a very good one" and proceeded with his final question where he asked if it was good that he showed his frustration on the ice in his previous game against Ottawa.

"Yeah it's a great thing, for sure," Draisaiti replied.

Since the press conference, the clip of Matheson and Draisaitl quickly went viral on social media as ice hockey fans shared their thoughts on who was in the wrong on this occasion - with many believing Matheson's "pissy" question was uncalled for.

Though the journalist did have some defenders who blamed Draisaitl's blunt attitude on the tense back-and-forth.

But what everyone can agree on is that this was a pretty entertaining interaction.

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