Why is ITV's Euro 2024 music The Neverending Story?

Why is ITV's Euro 2024 music The Neverending Story?

The Euros is here, there are three games on our screens every day, and life is good – but there’s one detail about the coverage of the tournament which has left some fans baffled.

ITV’s title sequence for games this year features animated versions of top players from across Europe, with a whimsical fantasy backdrop.

The music, though, has caught the attention of viewers on social media.

As some noticed online, the instrumental theme is actually a new take on the theme from much-loved 80s fantasy film The Neverending Story.

But what’s the reason it’s being used by ITV?

Well, it’s a fitting tune to use for the tournament, which this year is being hosted in Germany, given that the film is based on the work of German fantasy novelist Michael Ende.

The Neverending Story, which is called Die unendliche Geschichte in Germany, is a 1979 novel which was adapted into the cult 1984 film.

The song used in the film was written by Giorgio Moroder and performed by English pop singer Limahl.

Some viewers tuning into the tournament missed the reference and were surprised to hear the theme used over the opening credits.

However, others spotted the nod to a famous German novel and were loving it.

The opening game of the tournament saw Scotland's Euro 2024 campaign get off to a less-than-desirable start in Munich as they were thrashed by hosts Germany, leading their fans to resurrect a classic line from the 90s film Trainspotting.

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