A single facial expression from mixed martial artist Tyron Woodley in an interview ahead of his boxing match with YouTuber Jake Paul has got the meme treatment online – and for many, it’s summed up their response to Paul’s fighting career so far.

The former Disney Channel star’s bout with Woodley, which takes place on Sunday night, is the online personality’s fourth professional fight. He remains undefeated after winning against fellow YouTuber Ali Al-Fakhri (known online as AnEsonGib), ex-basketball player Nate Robinson and retired mixed martial artist Ben Askren.

Speaking during the interview, Paul addresses Woodley: “He is underestimating me, and my ability, but I think deep, deep, deep down… Y’know, I see him breathing right now, I see it through his shirt. His heart rate is sky high right now.”

Cut to Woodley, with a pair of sunglasses on, remaining completely expressionless as Paul continues talking – a look which has since been memed online:

Others ridiculed Paul’s attempt at a put-down:

And in another clip from their face-to-face, Paul was forced into a stunned silence by a question from Woodley, after he asked the content creator “how many people in your neighbourhood dress like you”.

He added: “How many rap videos, have you watched?”

Paul, open-mouthed, did not respond, which led Woodley to simply say, “exactly”.

This, too, got the meme treatment, with everyone having the same idea:

The fight is scheduled to last eight rounds, and is reported to start at 8pm ET (1am BST on Monday 30 August). UK viewers can access the pay-per-view stream via the BT Sport Box Office.

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