New York Jets fan loses teeth in rage at Zach Wilson's poor showing

New York Jets fan loses teeth in rage at Zach Wilson's poor showing
Reassessing the New York Jets: Can They Protect Zach Wilson?
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New York Jets fans are getting so angry with their team that they are spitting straight fury. Or, in this case, spitting teeth.

As the American football side fell to a 15-10 loss against the New England Patriots on Sunday, one supporter got so irate that he ended up losing his teeth.

And this was a while before the Jets succumbed to defeat – the teeth flew out when the man screamed with rage as they went just 3-0 down in the second quarter of the match.

Thankfully, it was only the Jets that lost – the fan managed to regain composure, catch his teeth and pop them straight back in.

The footage was seized upon by both Jim Nantz and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who got a laugh out of the live clip during a brief intermission of play.

"You can see it on their face, the frustration. You know you are frustrated when your teeth come out," Romo said while Nantz chuckled away.

Jets QB Zach Wilson completed 18 of his 36 passes without managing to get a touchdown, gaining just 157 yards as the Jets' struggles continued.

They will face the Kansas City Chiefs next week – and things aren't looking like they'll get better any time soon.

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