Former footballer turned manager Joey Barton is a man who in the past hasn't shied away from sharing his opinions and one thing that is currently bothering him are milkshakes.

Following the recent trend of throwing the fast food beverages over right-wing politicians such as Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin, Barton fears that the might escalate to severe levels of violence.

During a Twitter rant about politics, the ex-Manchester City star feared that people throwing milkshakes will soon resort to chucking bricks and then petrol bombs which seems like a bit of a reach.

Barton who is a divisive figure at the best of times, having been involved in numerous controversies and incidents during his career, having twice been convicted on charges of violence.

The 36-year-old's opinion on the issue certainly generated a lot of response and people weren't about to let the current Fleetwood Town manager get off lightly.

It also sounded like a very unadvisable diet plan.

Barton did try to clarify that he didn't agree with the politics of Farage and co but did champion the writing of controversial author Jordan Peterson in a previous tweet about the elderly Brexit Party supporter who was allegedly hit with a milkshake outside of a polling station.

Elsewhere, Ricky Gervais virtually said the same thing as Barton but in a far more considered manner so everyone was a bit nicer to him.

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