John Fury is now calling out Mike Tyson for a fight

John Fury is now calling out Mike Tyson for a fight
Mike Tyson Says Fury Is Not Prepared For Ngannou
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Tyson Fury is preparing to fight Francis Ngannou on Saturday night – but it’s his dad John Fury who is stealing the limelight before the bout.

The head of the Fury family was his usual outspoken self during the pair’s pre-match press conference on Thursday (October 26), and he used his time on stage to call out Mike Tyson for a fight.

Tyson was in attendance as he’s been working with Ngannou in training and he was taken by surprise when Fury singled him out personally.

Speaking about himself, Fury said: “John Fury fears only one person, who is not even of this world, that is God almighty.”

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Fury then addressed the 57-year-old Tyson, saying: “Let me tell you, my brother, the world is going to see what’s going to happen to your man.

"Your man will get his head boxed off and stopped. Don’t you worry about that. And if I’m wrong, me and you will fight straight after.”

Tyson responded by saying “Yeah” and making a fist while laughing.

“Whatever outcome, me and you will fight” Fury went on to say.

Tyson laughed again and replied: “All day, baby.”

It’s not the first time that Fury has spoken about fighting Tyson. Back in September, he said: “I’m definitely not teasing. I want to fight him. Win, lose or draw, I will fight Mike Tyson, don’t you worry about that. I know the Saudis can make it happen.

“I had eight wins, I beat the Italian heavyweight champ, he was six foot seven, 18 stone, I beat him, the man who beat Tyson.

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