Kobe Bryant's death on January 26 in a tragic helicopter crash is one of the biggest celebrity deaths of recent years and people are still coming to terms with his and his daughter, Gianna's untimely loss.

Although an official memorial service for the star will not be held until February 24, the Los Angeles Lakers, the team he played his entire career for, paid tribute to their icon before their game with the Portland Trail Blazers last Friday.

The ceremony featured video montages of Bryant, a rendition of the national anthem by Boyz II Men and a moving speech by his teammate and friend Lebron James.

It was the sort of event that no one should be mocking or even attempting to make a meme for but sadly that is what happened.

An image of James crying during the ceremony has started to appear on Twitter, with users attempting to turn it into a meme.

As reported by Daily Dot, there has been a strong backlash against these memes with many calling on others to stop posting them.

These pleas haven't been greeted by everyone with some even replying to these requests with the meme.

Now people are taking stronger action against anyone who posts the meme by reporting them for sharing 'harmful or abusive content.'

HT The Daily Dot

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