16 of the funniest tweets about the second KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match

16 of the funniest tweets about the second KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match

On Saturday evening, thousands packed into the Staples Center, Los Angeles, California to literally watch two YouTubers knock seven bells out of each other.

Yes, it was the second 'boxing match' between the controversial Logan Paul and Britain's Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, a man who became famous because he was really good a playing Fifa.

The contest was won by the 26-year-old from Watford thanks to a split decision after six grueling rounds in the ring.

This bout came just 15 months after their first collision, which ended in a draw in Manchester. Despite the ridiculous nature of two celebrities punching each other in the face, the two both took home a reported $900k for their efforts.

The surreal nature of the spectacle wasn't lost on Twitter users, who flooded the website with jokes and memes about the fight.

Yes, there were a few Eddie Hearn tweets, who actually acted as the promoter for the fight.

Pop star Justin Bieber was also in attendance and appeared to be lending his support to Paul.

Yet Twitter was more than happy to mock the divisive Canadian after his man lost the contest.

Jake Paul, Logan's brother, wasn't a stranger to the mockery either.

Yet, despite what you may think about the pair, people seemed genuinely happy that KSI won the fight, which is nice to see to be honest.

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