Why Labour's landslide victory is a good omen for the England football team

Why Labour's landslide victory is a good omen for the England football team
Keir Starmer hails Labour victory as he vows to bring 'national renewal' …
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Labour's landslide win at the 2024 general election could mean good news for England at the Euros if past events are anything to go by.

Labour have won a significant majority, winning 412 seats, Conservatives 121 and Liberal Democrats 71 with only two left to declare at the time of writing.

A minimum of 326 seats is needed to form a majority.

Ben Crellin has pointed out on X / Twitter that history could mean England will 'bring it home' later this month.

A Tweet from @BenCrellin said: "1966 was the last time Labour won a majority at a General Election and there was a European Championship or World Cup Final later in the same year."

The 1966 general election took place on March 31 that year when there were 630 seats in the House of Commons and 316 was needed for a majority.

Labour won with 364 seats with the Conservatives winning 253 and the Liberal Democrats scooping 12.

Harold Wilson was elected as the country's Prime Minister and we all know what happened later that year in 1966...

England went on to the win the World Cup, the only success for the men's national team so far, on home soil beating Germany 4-2 after extra-time at Wembley.

Who can forget the iconic commentary from Kenneth Wolstenholme: "They think it's all over... It is now!"

In other good news for England ahead of the Euros quarter-final against Switzerland on July 6, Jude Bellingham has been cleared to play.

It's reportedly expected that head coach Gareth Southgate will switch to a back three for the clash.

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