Liverpool FC legend has room named after him following viral joke

Liverpool FC legend has room named after him following viral joke
Jan Molby at the newly unveiled room (John Lewis Partnership/PA)

A former Liverpool FC legend has had an event space named after him following a viral joke which saw him being apologised to by a British supermarket.

Jan Molby, who played for Liverpool from 1984 to 1996, became part of a viral joke earlier this year when comedian Troy Hawke posed as a greeter from the fictional ‘Greeters’ Guild’ outside a Waitrose and said the act had been approved by Molby.

Bemused staff said they did not know who the ex-Liverpool midfielder was, which led to the comedian asking for a public apology from the supermarket.

Waitrose staff responded by singing Lady Gaga’s hit ‘Paparazzi’ and dancing with pictures of Molby adorned with love hearts to apologise.

However, John Lewis in Liverpool went even further in highlighting their love for the former player, by renaming their community space ‘The Jan Molby Room’, which has been decorated with photos from his football career.

Waitrose and John Lewis are both part of the John Lewis Partnership, which is the largest employee-owned business in the UK.

Room with pictures on the wallPictures of the former player in the Jan Molby Room (John Lewis Partnership/PA)

Jan Molby was even present at the room’s unveiling last week, where he cut the ribbon and greeted fans.

Kylie Gilson, manager for John Lewis Liverpool, said: “When we heard about Waitrose accidentally snubbing Jan we knew we had to make amends.

Man posingJan Molby with John Lewis Partners (John Lewis Partnership/PA)

“Jan’s a local legend, and knows a lot of people at the store, so it was great to welcome him back. He’s taken it all in great humour, and spent ages catching up with his fans. Hopefully that’s an apology accepted!”

John Lewis staff member Pauline Olsen appeared to be starstruck when she saw the ex-footballer, as she once described him as her “dream dinner guest”.

“Pauline’s a season ticket holder and a Liverpool fan through and through. If anything, today’s made her even more of a fan – she’ll have those dinner invites sent in no time”, added Ms Gilson.

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