Liverpool manager has the best response after 10-year-old Man Utd fan asks him to 'lose some games'


Jurgen Klopp, not content with managing his Liverpool side to a near-perfect season, has now won the hearts and minds of the folk of the internet with a glorious response to a letter from one young Manchester United supporter.

In the original letter, written by 10-year-old Daragh Curley from County Donegal, Ireland, the youngster asked the German whether he might consider losing a few games between now and the end of the season:

Liverpool are winning too many games. If you win nine more games then you have the best unbeaten run in English football. Being a United fan that is very sad.

So the next time Liverpool play, please make them lose. You should just let the other team score. I hope I have convinced you to not win the league or any other match ever again.

Rather than giving the boy short thrift, Klopp has been praised for his thoughtful and eloquent response:

As much as you want Liverpool to lose it is my job to do everything that I can to help Liverpool to win as there are millions of people around the world who want that to happen, so I really do not want to let them down.

Luckily for you, we have lost games in the past and we will lose games in the future because that is football.

The problem is when you are 10 years old you think that things will always be as they are now but if there is one thing I can tell you as 52 years old it is that this most definitely isn’t the case.

He concluded with a payoff that has been hailed across the board:

Although our clubs are great rivals we also share a great respect for one another. This, to me, is what football is all about.

Whether all this will lead to Liverpool finally losing a game between now and the end of the season remains to be seen.

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