Malcolm Turnbull/Facebook

A picture of the prime minister of Australia 'multi tasking' with a beer and his grandchild has been criticised online.

On Saturday, the prime minister posted a photo to Facebook from the Australian Football League match between the Syndney Swans and Essendon FC.

Swans fan Turnbull was photographed at the SCG kissing his infant grandchild and holding a plastic beer cup in his other hand.

People have criticised him for posting the image, captioned 'Multitasking at the foot. #goswans Sydney Swans'.

Most of the 1,300 comments however defended him, calling it a 'normal' image.

Turnbull's government has been under pressure from liberal groups for refusing to hold a binding referendum on same-sex marriage.

On Sunday, Turnbull appeared at a 20,000 strong rally in New South Wales, speaking in support of legalising same-sex relationships.

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