Fans stunned after Russian MMA match between tiny woman and 530lb man

Fans stunned after Russian MMA match between tiny woman and 530lb man
Russian MMA match between tiny female fighter and huge 530lb man

Russian MMA fighting is getting attention after a video of a bout between a featherweight woman and super heavyweight man went viral.

529-pound Grigory Chistyakov squared up against 135-pound Aleksandra Stepakova in an Extreme Fighting Championship match on Wednesday which ended as expected.

Stepakova, a trained MMA fighter, attempted to fight Chistyakov, an amateur fighter, but his size overpowered her. Judges awarded Chistyakov the win after pinning Stepakova against the fence multiple times and striking her.

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Fans were appalled by the decision to have the two fight due to the massive difference in their size and gender. Many believe Stepakova was at a huge disadvantage since Chistyakov is heavier. But others pointed out that she would have more opportunity to strike Chistyakov because of his size.

Despite fans' leeriness about the intergender match, this is not the first time Russian MMA fighting has had Grigory Chistyakov square up against a much smaller woman.

In 2020, Chistyakov fought flyweight Darina Madzyuk in a highly publicized match. People initially had the same reaction to the two fighting but within 90 seconds, Madzyuk knocked Chistyakov out.

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