Unlucky footballer struck in his sensitive areas three times in just 11 seconds in viral clip
German Bundesliga/ Twitter/ Screengrab

A footballer in the GermanBundesliga was left in agony while everyone else was in hysterics following a very unfortunate incident on Saturday.

During the top-flight game between Union Berlin and Werder Bremen, the way side’s Austrian defender Marco Friedl was struck by the ball in his lower abdomen following a volley directly from a corner.

Friedl immediately collapsed to the ground but that was only the start of his ordeal...

With the ball not being immediately cleared, it fell back to Germany’s Robert Andrich, who again attempted a shot only to hit the defender once more in what looked to be the same area

Not content with the agony that he had already caused to his opponent, Andrich then fired another shot into the crowded penalty area and to hit Friedl again in quite possibly the same location.

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The moment has since gone viral on social media and has been viewed more than one million times on Twitter.

Even the official Bundesliga Twitter account shared the clip.

Some readers might recall the viral Scott Sterling comedy clip from a few years ago about a very unlucky goalkeeper who just couldn’t help but get in the way of the ball.

Sadly, despite his viral success, Friedl’s pain couldn’t inspire his team who lost 3-1 to Union Berlin, a result that leaves them 14th in the table and just one point above the relegation zone.

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