By now, if you don't stan Megan Rapinoe, then, quite frankly, we aren't sure who or what you stan, because she's absolutely brilliant.

In recent weeks she's not only lead the US Women's soccer team to victory for the fourth time in the Women's World Cup, but she also said she wouldn't go to the White House and meet Trump, as well as publicly stating that he is 'not great for enough people right now'.

Now, she's consolidated her legend status even further, but this time by simply posing with a bottle of champagne, a trophy, and some excellent sunglasses.

Twitter user Emma Bengtson shared the clip, accompanying it with the caption:

.@mPinoe holding a trophy and a bottle of champagne and yelling “I DESERVE THIS” is a mood, an inspiration, a battle cry for women nationwide.

In the video, she can be heard saying:

I deserve this! I deserve everything!

It goes without saying that other Twitter users loved the clip, too.

In another clip, Rapinoe and her colleagues can also be seen spraying the champagne onto the gathered crowds below.

Cheers, ladies! You deserve this!

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