Athlete with cerebral palsy deadlifts 200 pounds and Arnold Schwarzenegger loves it

Arnold Schwarzenegger is best known for his career in action movies, but it's easy to forget that he started out as a world champion bodybuilder.

Yet, for all his achievements in that field, it's unlikely that he ever accomplished anything quite like what Miles Taylor did earlier this week.

Taylor is an avid weightlifter who has cerebal palsy and weighs just 99 pounds. However, in a now viral video shared on Instagram, he managed to deadlift 200 pounds, more than double his own bodyweight.

The clip has been viewed more than 300,000 times on Instagram, where he thanked his coach in a heartfelt post.

The footage has since made it's way onto Twitter, where Schwarzenegger was leading the praise for Miles, calling him his new hero.

The Austrian also voiced his support for the rest of Taylor's team, calling them 'fantastic'.

Elsewhere, many athletes from numerous sports and individuals from other professions echoed Schwarzenegger's thoughts.

Miles also works a public spreker and along with his coach 'Uncle Nic' are aiming to spread awareness of disabilities. A statement on The Loyal Brand website reads:

Miles and his coach @uncle.nic are on a mission to share Miles's story with the world. 

Miles wants to spread awareness for those with disabilities and let everyone know a disability does not define you and it is not a label.  He wants to show the world that despite his disability, Miles has the ABILITY to be who he wants to be and achieve anything he puts his mind to. 

Miles doesn't see his cerebral palsy as a disability, it's his motivation.  Join us in helping Miles take the dis out of disABILITY.  

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