MMA fighter's eye popped out when he got hit and blew his nose

Russian MMA match between tiny female fighter and huge 530lb man

MMA fighter Mark Martin suffered a grotesque injury during a recent match that left viewers squirming.

During a recent Professional Fighters League match on Friday, Martin's eye popped out of his socket after he got hit and then subsequently blew his nose.

In the match, Martin was competing against Dilano Taylor in a welterweight fight during the four-bout PFL Challenger Series 2 card.

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However, Martin was forced to forfeit after the incident due to the severity.

Martin was waved off during the first round when the referee consulted a doctor in response to the troubling eye injury. It then became visibly apparent that the fighter's left eye was protruding from his skull as if it were about to fall out.

See a video of the incident here. Warning: the video is graphic.

"Why would anyone want to do MMA? He’s literally had his eye punched out of its socket," wrote one person.

Another person tweeted: "Worst MMA injury I’ve ever seen."

"Crazy to think he still wanted to fight," said another Twitter user.

Speaking to MMA Junkue, AJ Ariosa, a manager at First Round Management who represents Martin told the outlet that the injury occurred because the pressure from blowing his nose caused his eye to blow out.

"It's looking like he's going to be good to go," he said, adding that Martin is not expected to have to undergo any surgery.

Afterward, Martin was advised not to fly home from Florida, where the match took place, due to the air pressure in the plane, which "could move the fracture."

Since the fight, Martin provided an update on his condition on Instagram, writing: "My eye should be good. I have a fractured orbital bone and some blood around the retina so my vision is blurry right now but will return once the blood goes down."

"Sh*t happens I know what I signed up for. I felt good and thought I won the rd but props to him for landing a good shot on my eye. If my eye recovers 100% I will be back. If not it is what it is and I’ll be done competing in mma. Once again thank you for the support, the love, and the hate."

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