Baseball fans have a weird crush on the Mrs Met mascot

Baseball fans have a weird crush on the Mrs Met mascot
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Social media users have made it clear they have a big thing for a baseball mascot, but unfortunately, she’s a married woman.

Mrs. Met is one half of the New York Mets baseball team’s husband and wife mascot duo. For years, Mrs. Met has been lusted over by fans and received multiple marriage proposals in spite of her taken status.

And, it seems people’s crushes on her show no sign of stopping after people on the social media platform X/Twitter had some thoughts on a recent photograph of her.

In the picture, Mrs. Met could be seen grabbing some food with her Mr. Met at the Citi Field stadium in Flushing Meadows–Corona Park. They both wore the Mets baseball gear including tight trousers and caps.

Soon, the wholesome picture led to some not-so-wholesome comments being shared by some would-be homewreckers hilariously lusting over Mrs. Met.

“Gyaaaaaatttttt! Thicker than oatmeal!!” one admirer commented.

Another said: “Your husband will never fulfil you.”

Someone else asked: “Can I say something without people getting mad?”

“She kinda,” is all one person had to say to get their point across.

The tweet has been viewed almost 25 million times and been bookmarked by almost 3,000 users who presumably want to remember the post for later.

One person argued: “You all need to feel the warmth of an actual woman because there’s no way there should be this many bookmarks for a mascot.”

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