Muay Thai fighter hit with incredible tornado kick during bout - still manages to win

A Muay Thai fighter has enthralled fans after being hit with a flying tornado kick but still going on to win the fight.

A fight between Padeksuk ​and Mohamed Mohabde put on by Lumpinee Fairtex Fight New Era promotion was was full of drama.

With Padeksuk starting the fight well, he was able to drop Mohabde and send his opponent tumbling to the ground.

30 seconds later, Mohabde was dropped again with a big hit with the right hand of Padeksuk.

But what happened next took everyone by surprise as Mohabde got to his feet and performed an unusual flying tornado kick to his opponent’s neck, sending him flying onto the canvas with a heavy fall.

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Footage of the kick has gone viral on social media, with kickboxing Twitter account Beyond Kickboxing sharing it with the caption, “THIS JUST HAPPENED! WHAT A KICK!”.

One person commented: “People just keep coming up with new and interesting ways to kick each other in the face.”

Another, wrote: “Kicked that man into another dimension, good lord.”

Someone else said: “Bruhhh that’s some movie type stuff.”

Former WWE champion Kofi Kingston also shared the footage due to the kick’s remarkable similarity to his finishing move ‘Trouble in Paradise’.

Despite the brutal blow, Padeksuk managed to carry on and win the fight with a right hand that floored Mohabde for a fourth time, with the referee calling an end to the fight.

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