NFL holds moment of silence for Queen Elizabeth II before season opener

Today show host Hoda Kotb had to make an awkward segue from news about Queen Elizabeth II's death to the kickoff of the new NFL season on Thursday night.

Earlier in the day, Buckingham Palace announced the Queen died at 96 years old leading to mass coverage by major networks and publications.

But the Queen's death didn't stop the NFL from kicking off with its first anticipated game of the season between the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams.

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While anchoring for NBC Thursday night, Kotb had to transition coverage from Queen Elizabeth II's death to the NFL.

"She is now being honored around the globe, we will have complete coverage all morning long on the Today Show, we'll be looking for you then," she began.

"But Maria tonight- it's all about the NFL kickoff," Kotb added as a group of American football fans cheered with pom-poms.

The awkward transition went viral on Twitter as some found it jarring to switch from a bleak topic to an exciting moment.

"Every producer in every newsroom everywhere just fainted and every news director in every newsroom everywhere just died laughing," a Twitter user wrote.

"This is so American," another person added.

Similar jokes have been made about Radio 1 transitioning from music to the sad announcement but the station had prepared for this moment and did not cut back to music.

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